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Natural Certified Emerald (Panna) Panchdhatu Ring


atural Emerald (Panna) mounted in Panchdhatu Ring along with high quality.

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Natural Emerald (Zambian) for Mercury Planet and it is the largest and heaviest planet among all planets in the solar system,REFRACTIVE INDEX : 1.590:1.580;0.010
OPTIC CHARACTER : D R , You wear Emerald  Ratan than success in any business, married life  and higher education  beneficial for child.  it is considered most important as per astrology. The gemstone is best for people of Gemini zodiac sign (Mithun Rashi) and Vigro (Kanya Rashi). Apart from that, if you need success in any field, wearing  Emerald stone can help. The main source of Natural Emerald is Zambian and Colombian mines.