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Natural Certified Hessonite (Gomed) Panchdhatu Ring


Panchdhatu ring with hessonite stone with fine quality and finishing.

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Sarpadosha and Rahu Dosh Gomed gemstone is effective for individuals who are afflicted with Sarpadosha. This is the curse of snakes or serpents. It also cures Rahu Dosh Peace Of Mind Gomed stone is a huge aid in erasing out the confusion of the mind. This stone helps develop clarity of the mind in natives.The natives are expected to gain a balance in temperament and a certain mental peace level. Improves Relationships Helps to improve personal and professional relationships. Restoring Confidence Gomed gemstone is known to remove fears and deep-seated complexes that could ruin lives. The gemstone is said to have a strong influence in restoring confidence in individuals too. Protection from Evil Eye Some natives suffer from the evil eye syndrome. This means that they are influenced by hexes and black magic. Wearing an original gomed stone could protect such individuals against the same.